Events Privacy Notice

At QAV, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that QAV we QAV do not sell, rent or trade lists of personal data.

What we do

We do not organise events, we provide digital services and solutions that facilitate processes within events. As such, we are a data processor at the events we support and receive data from an event organiser or data controller.

Where we store data

Any data that we are provided with by the event organiser or by the attendees themselves during an event is stored in a secure online service that is not accessible to parties outside of QAV Ltd and its sub-contractors. It may also be stored on a company laptop at the venue that is password protected and supervised by one of our employees.

What data we store

At many events, we are contracted by the event organiser or data controller to supply physical badges for the delegates, guests and staff.

For this purpose, we are supplied with and store a list of attendees by the event organiser. We request only the information we require to fulfil this purpose. For example, names, company names, and any additional data that is required for the badges.

Any surplus badges that have printed information on them and remain in our possession at the conclusion of an event are destroyed in the recycling process as soon as possible.

Within our portfolio of solutions, we sometimes require more personal information in order to provide these solutions correctly. This may include email addresses or photographs and biographies of presenters for example.

We may require email addresses in order to be able to send emails to delegates that contain the notes they have taken during the event, or links to documents they have requested for example. But we will only have access to this information if the event organiser has previously obtained explicit consent from the attendees upon registration that they can share that information with us.

If we do not have the email addresses, then we will request this information within our application only at the point where it becomes necessary and we will explain why we are collecting this data and how we are going to use it.

Additional information such as attendance to different sessions may also be generated and stored by our system.

We also store data relevant to any polling questions (voting) and questions sent in by delegates. Responses to surveys may also be generated and stored.

How we use the data

Personal information that we are supplied with or collect for the purpose of facilitating an event is only used for that event and no data is used for any other purpose or shared with any other person or company unless we are requested to do so by the event organiser or are legally bound to do so.

We provide reports and the raw data to the event organiser so that they can use it according to their own requirements and within their own data policies and consents.

Data retention

We continue to store personal data of the attendees at the events we support after the event has finished for varying amounts of time according to the specific requirements of the event and also to match any data retention policies of the event organiser.

However, unless otherwise instructed we remove personal information from the data we have been given or that was generated at the event 28 days after the event has completed.

Access to personal data

If you have used one of our services at an event and wish to see, edit or remove the data we have stored on you, you can do so free of charge and at any point.